Hi - Tech Outsiders is a social enterprise based in Western Australia that is raising awareness of all the great people we have working in Tech who are outside of the stereotypical box i.e. We are looking to showcase women, people of colour, LGTBI peeps, and whatever else it may be that makes you different from the typical #SPM (Dr Jason Fox's term for old white straight men i.e. Stale, Pale and Male).

One of the most common responses I hear to the complaint that all the Speakers at a conference are men, or all the nominees for an award are old, white men - is that they were the first people that sprung to mind, or they didn't know any women that met the criteria.

On this website we want to profile some other choices - our Tech Outsiders - and in November we also hope to run an awards ceremony to have a party and celebrate the awesomeness we have found.

We would love it if you would be part of these profiles (or if you are too stereotypical - then if you would forward this to any awesome others you know).
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Please write your profile blurb here. This should be the kind of introduction you would like read out before you go on stage, or how you would like people to describe your life. It can be as long or as short as you like.

Do you have a catch-phrase or a quote to live by? Add it here:

If you are interested in Speaking at Events please tick one or more:

It's sometimes pretty hard to categorise where you are - so use the other selection if you want to put some notes in to clarify what you would be willing to do/try/get involved in. Remember, ticking stuff here just means people may contact you to ask if you want to speak or be on a panel - but you can always say Yes or No at the time, after discussing the scope with them.

Give 2 or 3 topics or Keynote Titles you can speak to:

If you are interested in Mentoring please say so here:

If you would like to highlight your speaking or mentoring or publishing(blogging, articles etc) experience (or indeed any other thing that you love to do) - please write about it here:

Select your best fit (you may select more than one to make it more accurate)

Is there anything else you want to add that you haven't had a chance to include?

I give TechOutsiders the rights to publish my profile on www.TechOutsiders.com.au The information I have given them is in public domain and I am not sharing any secrets or anything that I know to be untrue. I understand that TechOutsiders may edit the information I have given them, but the intention should be to keep the essence intact.  Should I wish to have the information taken down, I can request it and techoutsiders will strive to do so within 2 days.

Thank you so much for being part of our project to bring more equity into the world, we hope to hear more from you in the future.

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